Spong.org is a blog community of my friends and family. What started out as a personal website back in 1999, grew into a blogging site for several years. In 2008, I turned off the blog because I didn't want to maintain it anymore, and I ended up moving my blog elsewhere. I still hold the data here for historical purposes and is only available for friends and family that signed up.


Back in the late 1990s, I was inspired by sites such as slashdot.org, geeknik.net, and techbargains.com to write my own blogging system. After much research, I looked into blogging distros such as phpnuke.org, postnuke.com, and moveabletype.org. But they all had more features than what I really wanted. So I decided to write my own.

Friends and family members all received free accounts because spong.org was a project in the works. The project has been built and converted through various technologies over the years:

Variety of technologies spong.org was built on.